Photo: Andrea Bak, Brighton Pier, May 2014

Photo: Andrea Bak, Brighton Pier, May 2014



It's not all Danish – I write and edit stuff in English too. Here is a wee list of things I have done quite recently.

The Guardian

A guide to Copenhagen

WHERE2GO vol. 112 edited by me has loads of useful insider's tips from Copenhageners for the picky tourist who likes to travel without a guidebook.

What not to miss in Berlin

Five Must-Try Berlin Foods and one beverage that you simply must treat yourself to when visiting the German capital. Yes, there is Currywurst.

René Redzepi of noma

"The master of daily disasters" about fermenting, experimenting, and why oysters should never be served rolled in ashes.

How to move 20.000 fish

About the new aquarium in Copenhagen, and how it all began with a walk in the woods 80 years ago.

Take the waterway

Copenhagen is surrounded by lots of great water. Here's a splendid way to get on it without getting wet.